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About Us

Iconic  Events  is  a  legally  registered  firm under the companies act of chapter 486 of the Kenyan  constitution.  The  firm  has  been  in existence since year 2013 and is run by a team of qualified  and  certified  events  managers  and business development managers.

Our Services

Our services include:- Budgeting for an event, invitation to events, event security, event decoration, flowers, staffing, ticketing, catering, event photos, speakers, transportation, furniture, floor planning, sound equipment, event lighting and bands for your guests.


Budgeting for an event is by far the most important aspect of a successful event. While budgets can be as varied as the occasions being planned for, a budget  lays  the  groundwork  for  what can be included in the event, what details must be scaled back, and what ideas must be abandoned during the planning process. Determining   a   budget   is most  easily  accomplished when a specific amount of money is dedicated for the event in its entirety.


Invitations  are  essential  parts  of  many  events.  For small, personal or closed events, where only a specific number  of  people  are  invited  to  attend, invitations  are  a  must.  With  today’s casual  attitudes  and  instantaneous Internet  connectivity,  a  formal request   as   an   invitation automatically  sets  an  event above the ordinary.


Decorations at an event are necessary   for   setting   the mood,  framing  the  emotion and underscoring    t h e importance   of   the   event. Decorating  for  large  events  can prove daunting since colors must be chosen  and  established  for  the  event  in keeping with the chosen theme, tying the whole together   while   imparting   a   visual   sense   of cohesiveness.


Flowers impart a sense of formality to an event, providing an attractive anchor to the event theme in the décor of reception areas, tabletops and stage backdrops. Flowers may also be incorporated into ladies’ restrooms, flank entryways, or grace serving  and  buffet  tables.  In  addition,  serving  personnel smartly accessorized with floral boutonnières incorporates them into the décor to impart a sense of richness and elegance that promotes an impressive and memorable event.


Catering is one of the most important ingredients for the planning of some common events.  Caterers typically offer a signature selection of hors d’oeuvres, salads and entrees, desserts and beverages.

Staffing Services

Staffing for an event is as diverse as the event itself. Adequate staffing  depends  on  the  number  of  guests  anticipated  to attend the event, and are employed to handle the multiple tasks that under-gird a successful event.

We provide state of the art tents according to your taste. The theme colours to be used will be agreed upon between both parties according to the event.
You Bring The Guests. Let Us Do The Rest.